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RevLite® SI C10

New-generation Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser

Delivering 1064 nm and 532 nm, with MultiLite Dye Handpieces extending the wavelength capabilities to include 585 nm and 650 nm, RevLite SI provides the versatility you need to target the full color spectrum of tattoo inks. It also allows you to perform non-ablative skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, and acne scar reduction, and is proven effective on dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions, including melasma.

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Precision That’s Quick and Easy

The Smart Infinite (SI) Handpiece provides continuous 0.1 mm micro-adjustments in spot size, enabling you to easily select the largest spot size with the highest fluence for faster and more efficient treatments. The spot size setting is automatically communicated to the laser control system, making spot size changes quicker and easier than ever.


More Comfortable

More comfortable than other treatments.


Greater Efficacy

Our exclusive PTP is a unique dispersion of energy that delivers very narrow pulse widths at peak power, for efficient removal of unwanted pigment. 


Touch Screen

New, modern Graphic User Interface (GUI) is extremely easy to use, reducing treatment and prep time with convenient pre-sets and enhanced customization.


SmartInfinite™ (SI) Handpiece

Smart Infinite™ Handpiece communicates directly with the laser for faster treatments, and unparalleled precision through 0.1mm adjustment capability from 1.2-8.5mm.


PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP)

With proprietary PhotoAcoustic Technology PulseTM (PTP), RevLite SI takes power and short pulse duration one step further. Clinical studies indicate that the PTP mode offers greater efficacy and increased patient comfort for skin revitalization.*

*Yaghmai D, MD, Garden J, MD, Bakus A., PhD, Gold M, MD, Saal B, MD, Goldberg D, MD, Massa M, MD.  Photodamage therapy using an electro-optic Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 2010; 42: 699–705.

PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP)

Two lasers are output in a very short interval, the double pulse (PTP) has higher accumulated energy and stronger photothermal effect, so as to better stimulate collagen proliferation, and the two consecutive optical shock wave effects are better for crushing and destruction. of melanin, clinical studies have proven that the skin rejuvenation course in PTP mode can provide maximum comfort to the patient and the effect is more effective.

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Optional Features

Extend the wavelength capabilities of the laser to include 585nm and 650nm for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions.

RevLite® SI - Unmatched Versatility


Tattoo Removal of any color


Pigmented Lesions


Acne Scars


Skin rejuvenation/ fine wrinkles

Sun damaged skin

Before & After

There is no editing on the before and after photos. However, the effectiveness of the treatments depends on personal skin quality and physique.

Need more information?

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